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About 'EEAC'

Here you will find information about our club meets, product reviews & projects by our members.

We are an astronomy club in east Essex and we meet once a month for from our resident 'Teacher/Physicist' and other members who want to share their knowledge and expertise. Plus if the skies are clear we also have observing after our events. We also have special observing night and additional talks from astronomy 'celebrities'

Although we have an optional membership it's not necessary to become a member, everyone is welcome at East Essex Astronomy Club - all knowledge's, experiences and ages!

If you don't want to formally join the East Essex Astronomy Club but want to be informed of events just join our mailing list and we'll keep you informed of future events.

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Talks: (Main, Member, Special)

9th Apr - Planetary motion & Keppler - Christiaan Huygens by Catherine Hookway
10th May - Nik Symanek Astrophotography - Book early!
14th May - Search for life in the universe - Faith and Science by Tony Jones
18th Jun - Jupiter and moons - Practical Spectoscopy by John Coffin
2th Jul - Cassini, Huygens, Saturn and Tita - Joderl Bank by Abbi Jayasakera (TBC)
6nd Aug - History of the telescope - Weather actuals for the Astronomer by Terry Jacobs
3rd Sep - Moon to Mars, human exploration of the solar system - TBC
1st Oct - Radio - gamma spectroscopy - TBC
12th Nov - Mercury - TBC
3rd Dec - TBC - TBC

All events will be held at:
Baptist Church Hall,
High St, Burnham-on-Crouch

Doors open at 18:30 - Member talk 19:15 - Main Talk from 19:30.

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